Digi-Cluster - The digital meetup for agency owners across Watford and Hertfordshire. A night of food, drink, great speakers and agency-focussed networking.

Thursday 3rd February 2022

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Hertfordshire's Digital Creative & Technology meetup for agency owners & CEOs.

Join the discussion around the future of digital and technology, hear amazing guest speakers, have a drink, food and some good conversation with like-minded business owners in the Hertfordshire digital scene.

Attended one of our Digi-Cluster Events? Introducing Prime!

We have set up a co-working space for like-minded Digital, Creative and Technology professionals.

Do you or your employees need a space to work for a few days a week?

The result would be a creative and tech hub, where you have the opportunity to learn from one another, build a community and collaborate. We are based at Clock, one of our partners' offices in Kings Langley.

E-Myth summary download

Following one of our previous talks from Syd Nadim, please download this complimentary copy of the E-Myth book summary on us.

Previous Panellists

Tim Dunton 

Nimbus Hosting

Kelly Molson

Rubber Cheese

Jess Gregson


Our Guest Speaker for November 2021

How can brave business owners stand out in a sea of sameness? What propels them to embrace the unexpected while staying aligned to their brand purpose? How can they make sure they consistently attract the right people at the right time so they can grow exponentially?

Firecracker keynote speaker Jon Burkhart has helped brave brands like Red Bull and Adidas commit to being bold — audacious even and he’s heading north from leafy green Ealing to SPARK fires in minds. Warning: He’s armed with a framework that’s proven to help you spot and own moments with difference-making curiosity.

He’ll help you strike a brilliant balance between this glorious quasi-contradiction: The toddler-like ability to question everything and find wonder everywhere and the grown-up knack of following best practice to grow your brand in these wildly uncertain times. 

Jon Burkhart

Speaker & Writer

Previous Speakers 

Patrick Mulford

Co-Founder & Creative Partner at Fastluck

April 2021

Julian Morency

Co-founder & Managing Director at Browser London and CEO of Twine

March 1st 2016

Ollie Bolland

Co-founder, CTO & Lead Technologist of J B Cole and Mentrify.com

March 1st 2016

Jonas Stockfleth

Director at The Film Yard Ltd

May 24th 2016

Syd Nadim

Exec Chairman and Founder of Clock

September 13th 2016

Dave Birss

International Keynote Speaker on Creativity & Innovation

July 4th 2017

Dan Dark

Senior vice president & managing director Warner Bros. Studios

November 3rd 2016

Ben Silcox

Chief Strategy Officer at Clock

9th November 2017

Katy Howell

CEO and social media strategist at immediate future

April 5th 2018

Adam King

CEO at SwipeStation

11th October 2018

Mark McDermott

CEO at ScreenCloud

25th April 2019

Lucy Mann

CEO at Gunpowder Consulting Ltd

30th January 2020

Oliver Thompson

CEO of Oliver Thompson Training 

6th October 2020

Sol Rogers


6th October 2020

Spencer Gallagher

Co-Founder & Joint CEO at Cactus

26th January 2021

Past event highlights

Special thanks to Rod Wynne-Powell for taking photos. To see more, please click here.

Behind The Digi-Cluster

Josh Bolland

CEO - J B Cole UK

Syd Nadim

CEO - Clock

Get along to our next event. There's amazing speakers, drinks and food too!

J B Cole and Clock Digital have teamed up to bring you this event with the support of the Chamber of Commerce for Watford & West Herts.

"I very much enjoyed digi-cluster, having attended a number of other networking events I found the atmosphere to be far warmer and friendlier with a real emphasis on collaboration. The speakers are always carefully chosen and able to add real value, and I am looking forward to the next event."

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